Jan 062012

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In a move that is likely to increase the use of photo sharing iPhone app Instagram exponentially, the company has made a small change that allows you to share your Instagram’d pics – FULL SIZE – to your Facebook Timeline.

That might not sound like much. Indeed, it feels like something that should have been there from the start. That said, Instagram has managed to reach 15 million users without it and there wasn’t all that much clamour for it from them.

What this will do is increase engagement with Instagram photos from Facebook’s 800 million user base, therefore introducing Instagram itself to millions of potential new users. Genius. And such a small change to achieve it. Again, you can’t help wondering why they haven’t done it before…

But what does it mean for you? Well, to start with this will help make your Facebook Timeline that much more beautiful to look at. Here’s how a properly shared Instagram photo looks on my Timeline:

Instagram Photo on Facebook Timeline

That’s pretty nifty, isn’t it. A joy to look at, right? We think so. Now imagine a landscape pic that you’ve highlighted on your Timeline. Also included is your original Instagram caption and a link back to the original photo on Instagram – again increasing exposure to the service.

Instagram have provided some easy to follow steps on how to share your photos to Facebook in this fashion from within the iPhone app.

Apart from an increasing user base, Instagram’s future also features an Android app and video sharing, though, as TechCrunch reports, co-founder Kevin Systrom isn’t saying when. In the meantime, enjoy sharing your best Instagram photos to your Facebook Timeline in a much more attractive fashion.

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