Jun 282012

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Business app developers Mobizy have a man on the ground at Google I/O 2012 this week, but they also have someone home in Portugal who watched the live stream of the keynote speech and decided, instead of live blogging or something equally as mundane, to portray the key points through paper and pencil. The results, as you will see, are very, very good…and no less useful then a text heavy blog post!

Check this out:

Google IO Keynote Mobizy Sketch

Jelly Bean Android OS, Voice Search & Google Now

Google IO Keynote Mobizy Sletch 2

Asus Nexus 7, Nexus Q & Google Maps

Google IO Keynote Mobizy Sketch 3

Google Glass Live Demo, Google+ Events & Google+ 1st Birthday

Mobizy did the same thing for Apple’s WWDC event earlier this month. Pretty cool, eh!

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