Jul 162012

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lumia 900

Following the failed launch of the Nokia Lumia 900 at the start of April 2012, today it appears that the price has been slashed from $99 to $49.99 (about £33) in the USA at least.

The Lumia 900 is considered to be the current flagship phone from Nokia and Windows. When released users complained it was underpowered and seemed “lacking”, it lead many tech journalists to believe that there was something in the pipeline. This cut, however, is believed to be more of a territory grab from Apple and Samsung (android) which currently dominate the market, it has all the hallmarks of a last ditch attempt to save a company in the last throws of life.

The price drop may also be linked to the recent news that when the new Windows 8 phone is released, later this year, the Lumia 900 won’t be able to update to the full new version of the OS (but rather will get a template update, so it will look pretty but not work pretty).

Will this be a widespread price cut from Nokia? The answer remains unclear, there is no word from the phone manufacturer at this point, but it is likely to be the case this will end up a global price cut leading up to the windows 8 phone release later this year. Which analysts believe will be priced either at $99 or $149 to try and keep it ahead of competition though they will need some amazing software and hardware to achieve their dreams with the new phone.

Sources close to Nokia are also hinting that manufacture of the 900 has now been limited, even further than previously thought. It is unclear however, when then manufacture will begin of the new phone series expected with windows 8 phone will begin.

Do you think this is a move from the bed of a very poorly Nokia, or is it a clever move in the run up to W8 phone?

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