Jul 172012

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iPhone 5 Concept

Just a concept, folks, don’t get excited…

We haven’t done an iPhone 5 rumour for a while here on TechDrink so it’s about time we got up to speed. Instead of focusing on what it may or may not bring to the market (mostly because it’s either bleeding obvious or too far-fetched to be of interest), how about a release date?

Reading around the various Apple / iPhone dedicated blogs and news sites there are essentially two rumours doing the rounds. The first is an unlikely, at least in our eyes, August launch. While this would suit me right down to the ground, I just can’t see it. I’ve no doubt that Apple could launch in August if they wanted but with the iPad Mini rumour going round it seems likely they’d want to do a double launch at a big event and we’d have heard news of a planned event by now.

Not only that, Apple are still mopping up iPhone 4S sales from those who are on long contracts on their iPhone 4’s or older. To launch the iPhone 5 in August would mean missing out on a lot of that. Which brings us to a more likely release date rumour of September / October.

This makes far more sense. Most users will have switched to iPhone 4 S by then, so it’s the perfect time to hit them again for the 5. The iPad Mini will likely be ready too. And that date gives Foxconn all the time it needs to ramp up production to the level that will be required in the run up to the Thanksgiving / Christmas holidays when demand will hit its highest.

Nailing down exactly which month it will be is tricky. Logic says October, but when do Apple ever do anything totally logically? So the end of September is a possibility. But with iOS6 still to make its debut…no…we’re going for October and we’ll go one further. We’ll go October 7th. Why? Why the hell not. If every other tech blog can have a guess, so can we.

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I cant belive on any rumor now they are to much

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