Aug 122012

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Diablo 3 Accounts for millions of North American Blizzard players have been hacked. Blizzard said that millions of users information had been accessed illegally in a hack against, Blizzard’s management service.

The hack, in addition to affecting North American accounts, is said to have affected millions of users in Australia and South East Asia. Details of the hack are still somewhat sketchy, but it appears that salted and hashed passwords, along with email addresses, security question information and a few other bits were taken.

However, no billing details such as addresses and credit card details were accessed. Also, as the passwords were hashed and salted the damage is somewhat limited, though this is still embarrassing for Blizzard who recently made the move to only allowing gaming from online machines – in an effort to protect its games DRM.

All users in North America, Australia and South East Asia are advised to change their Blizzard password and security details. is the account management system for games including World of Warcraft, Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3.

We’ll have more news on this as it appears.

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