Sep 102012

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Google Glass at New York Fashion Week

Google Glass at New York Fashion Week

Making a surprise appearance at New York Fashion Week, Google Glass has again hit the tech headlines.

The models and the designer Diane von Furstenberg herself wore the glasses during the show and the resulting footage will be cut into a film that will be released later this week.

If you want to see some of the shots of the catwalk visit the DVF Google Plus Page.

Talking of the Google Glass catwalk NY Magazine said:

…we noticed one publicist wearing what looked like wire-rimmed bifocals with some sort of doodad attached to one lens. Well, she looks silly, we thought to ourselves.


…they’re called Google Glasses; they have a built-in camera (the doodad we noticed) and can provide directions. In other words, they’re an iPhone you can wear on your face.

The tech world, though, seemingly didn’t notice this little event. Judging by the NY Mag and few tweets we’ve seen it appears that Google Glass isn’t yet a hit in the fashion world. Further than this, reading into the comments of NY Mag, there is still much work to be done to move the fashion world from iPhone to Android.

What do you think? Are Google Glass as fad, a fashionable item or just a great gadget?

Let us know!

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