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According to research carried out by mobile security and privacy experts NQ Mobile, an amazing 87 of us have content on our smartphones that we’d rather keep private. These include family photos, contacts, office documents, flirty (and likely dirty) texts and downloaded media. And yet only 53% of us even bother to secure our phones with a passcode!

We’ve all heard about celebrities having their pones hacked by unscrupulous private eyes and journalists and we’ve probably thought to ourselves “Should have secured their phones!”. Yet we don’t ourselves it seems – and when 15% of us keep “sexy photos” on our phones, we really should, don’t you think? For the record, there are NO sexy photos of me on my phone…I doubt I could take a sexy photo.

Chief Experience Officer of NQ Mobile, Conrad Edwards, commented:

When only half of smart phone users actually lock their phones, it’s unclear whether these celebrities’ devices are being hacked or simply being left open for people to snoop. What is clear, is that you don’t need to be a celebrity to have things on your phone you’d rather others not see. And there are some very basic things smart phone owners can do to make sure no one ever does.

While celebrity phone hacking stories may or may not be true, there’s no doubt that threats like thieves, malware, snoops and hackers are very real. It isn’t just celebrities that need to keep personal information private and secure. For more tools to protect your smartphone from intrusions, attacks and snoops, visit

About NQ Mobile

NQ Mobile Inc. (NYSE: NQ) is a leading global provider of mobile Internet services focusing on security, privacy and productivity. The company was one of the first to recognise the growing security threats targeting smartphone users and is now a leading provider of Freemium subscription services with approximately 204 million registered user accounts in over 150 countries. NQ Mobile’s proprietary, cloud-based security solution has been recognised by third-party testing facilities around the world as the most effective solution for detecting and combating mobile threats.

NQ Mobile was bestowed the 2011 Technology Pioneer Award by the World Economic Forum for its technology leadership and innovation in mobile security. To facilitate global expansion, NQ Mobile headquarters are co-located in Beijing, China and Dallas, TX, USA. For more information on NQ Mobile, please visit

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