Sep 112012

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Last week Amazon unveiled it’s new line of Kindle devices. Amongst the motley bunch are the Fire and Fire HD tablet devices which run Android 4.0 (ICS).

Earlier this week it emerged that as well as skinning the android devices, Amazon has also further turned away from the creators of Android (Google) by having Bing Search as its default search engine.

Now in itself this is nothing new, you can download apps that do this on almost all Android devices – but with Amazon it certainly would appear as though they are not really wanting to play with the big boy Google right now.

Further to this there is speculation in the tech world that this could mean the next generation of Kindle Fire devices (if that is what they are still called) will actually be Windows 8 powered. Here at TechDrink we think that is a little far fetched but we do think that default search being Bing is a big win for Microsoft considering that the Fire devices will, for the first time, be coming to Europe.

There is still the question though, will the Fire win over the Nexus 7 (or maybe the rumoured iPad Mini?)

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