GoDaddy Hosted Websites Down and Hacked?

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go daddy hacked

GoDaddy, one of the world’s largest domain registrars and web hosts, yesterday suffered down time after potentially being hacked by Anonymous. Thousands of websites hosted by the web giant were reported as being down on Monday evening (GMT).

The company on Twitter (@GoDaddy) said:

We’re working out the last few kinks for our site & control centers. No customer data compromised.

…and that most, if not all, websites were now back online.

The downtime led to much frustration for those customers hosted with GoDaddy, the anger streaming through Twitter timelines.

One Twitter message from @AnonymousOwn3r said “all servers” of GoDaddy had been taken down by the hack.

A spokesman for GoDaddy simply told TechDrink’s Andy Kinsey that all customer service enquiries and issues relating to the downtime would be dealt with via the Twitter account @GoDaddy as quickly as is possible.

Have you been affected by the GoDaddy hacking?

Update: GoDaddy have said that this wasn’t a hack and that it was due to an internal cascade table error with domain names. All domain name, hosting and dns services were effected but back online soon after.

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