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Of course the focus is on the new iPhone 5. But as often happens, what Apple also revealed goes largely under the radar. Well, not here! We know you’re busy people though so we’ll (try to) keep this round up of all things NOT iPhone brief.

iPod Touch / Nano

New iPod Touch

Apple has retouched the Touch and renanoed the Nano alongside the new iPhone. The iPod Touch gets the iPhone’s 4 inch screen, is thinner and lighter than its predecessor and is faster. In addition, it now comes in a range of colour options – just like the Nano.

The iPod Nano has been radically altered – the screen returns but is much bigger at 2.5 inches, again it’s thinner and lighter than previous versions and it has physical controls on the side, as well as a home button like the iPhone.

New iPod Nano

There’s an integrated FM tuner, live pause, widescreen video, Bluetooth and a pedometer. Oh, and it comes in black, white, pink, green, blue, yellow, and red. If anything, it’s the iPod Nano that should be wowing consumers with its improvements, not the iPhone 5!

The iPod Shuffle, by the way, is also getting new colour options.


New Apple EarPodsA late rumour that did the rounds was an update to Apple’s earbuds,supplied with all iDevices. Turns out that rumour was true and given their poor reputation this is likely to be a very welcome announcement. They look much better and according to TechCrunch they work better than the old ones. Non-Apple versions are still likely a better option if you have the money, but as these come free with your iPhone / iPod, you’re going to prefer them.


Technically not a ‘new’ announcement as much of what iOS6 will bring was unveiled at WWDC earlier this year. However, it’s still worth reminding ourselves that it’s not just the hardware that’s been upgraded. iOS6 brings some great new features with it, including Facebook integration, panoramic photos, PassBook, new Maps app and a whole lot more.

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