Sep 182012

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This is a guest post from technology blogger Laura Pret. If you want to contribute to TechDrink, please get in touch.

We always imagine that the future will be one in which gadgets which make our life easier will be a part of our clothing – even a part of our bodies. That future gets ever closer with each year as manufacturers create products that fire up our fantasies with devices that seem more and more like science fiction.

Google GogglesGoogle Project Glass

This next product from Google is not necessarily new – augmented reality headsets have been floating around for a while – but Google’s backing indicates that this has the potential for wide use and mass market adoption. The idea is that you wear a headset. The idea is that it will be a hands-free version of the smartphone experience. You can access Google office and other apps on the headset. It’s coming out in 2014 and is estimated to cost around 400 USD.

Executive Jewellers Mars/Earth time watch

Executive Jewellers Dual Time Mars WatchIf you’re such a stickler for punctuality that you’d want to be everywhere on time, even if you were shot into outer space, then you will appreciate the Dual Zone Mars watch. It isn’t cheap at £395, but the price of being late to meet our intergalactic neighbours. The watch was invented and designed by Garo Anserlian. Anserlian, an Armenian American who has been a watchmaker since the age of eight years old impressed his older peers by creating a watch mechanism that loses time, in order to create a watch that keeps the time on Mars (which is 39 minutes longer than a day on Earth). If you’re after something a little more down to earth, check out our favourite online store Watches of Switzerland.

Adidas MiCoach BundleAdidas miCoach Pacer Bundle

This stride sensor and heart rate pacer belts around your waist to give you some feedback on your running performance at the end of your exercise session. It records all the data of your run, your pace, your stride, the distance and other information in order to give you comprehensive coaching feedback. It’s on the pricey side at £100, but the general consensus is that it’s worth the price.

WiFi USB Flash Drive Cufflink

USB Flash Drive CufflinksNever leave your memory stick at home again with these handy flash drive cufflinks. One of the cufflinks has 2GB of memory and a very nice brushed finish. The other cufflink also acts a dongle, turning any computer into a WiFi hotspot. Ok, at £129, these cufflinks aren’t the best value for money, but the novelty factor is pretty high.

Do any of these devices appeal to you? Whether you’re a space geek or an exercise freak, we think you’ll like the list that we’ve put together.

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