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Oct 082012

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There are a lot of sites cropping up at the moment that allow you to create infographics online but by far the best we’ve come across lately is Piktochart.


Offering free and PRO versions, Piktochart offers the largest toolset, range of themes and styles and flexibility we’ve seen.

Piktochart Free Version

The free version offers you six themes – templates would be a better name – to build your infographic from. Each is tailored to a specific type of graphic, though you can just as easily delete everything and start from a blank screen. That said, there’s the data heavy infographic, the new product announcement infographic, a sponsored infographic and more.

Once you’ve chosen your template, you can then begin building your infographic using the tools provided. The free version limits you to a graphic 600 pixels wide which could prove limiting, though there appears to be no limit to the length. The toolset, which includes the ability to insert text in a range of fonts, images, charts, shapes and to alter colours and sizes, is very comprehensive and only a few features are locked for PRO users.

Ultimately, you can create a stunning infographic without paying a penny. You’ll be limited to five image uploads, your infographic will come with a Piktochart watermark and obviously you’re lilmited to a certain number of themes. But if you’re only doing the odd one, then none of this will matter. Power users will want to check out the PRO version though.

Piktochart PRO Version

There are two options to upgrade to PRO. For $29 a month you get access to over 80 themes, the Piktochart watermark is removed, you get more image uploads and the whole thing is more customisable, including the width of your infographic. You can also choose an annual option and save 40%.

In short, Piktochart is the site to create infographics on, offering the most wide ranging tool set, the best themes and is also very easy to use, even for a novice or non-designer.

What online infographic design tools do you use? Found one better than Piktochart? Let us know!

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