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Oct 182012

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This week’s Website of the Week is awarded to Geek Chocolate, which in a nutshell covers books, film, comics and TV. Just like it says on their logo in fact. I can see you’re already reaching for your mouse, but stop, wait. Geek Chocolate goes way, way deeper than that.

Geek Chocolate

It’s not just a review site. Ok, it does reviews but they are not your typical “it’s great / good / bad / awful”, they’re more in depth than that, they tap into the background of the subject and its author / director/ illustrator. There is deep thought here.

The site will appeal to the geek, no question – the clue is in the name – but anyone with more than a passing interest in books, films, TV or comics will find it an enthralling read. And they’ll learn something.

There are opinion pieces that demonstrate just how immersed the writers and owners of the site are in their chosen subject. The majority of what’s covered is very niche but even the average film fan will find something – take this review of Resident Evil Retribution for example.

Where Geek Chocolate truly excels is at interviewing. A quick glance at their homepage today and there are interviews with Peter F. Hamilton (Commonwealth Saga), Jane Rogers (winner of the 2012 Arthur C Clarke award for The Testament of Jessie Lamb), China Miéville (Dial H, DC Comics) and Hannu Rajaniemi (The Quantum Thief).

Not household names perhaps, but if you’re into reading science fiction and comics, chances are you’ve heard of these people and, more importantly, will want to know what they have to say.

Design-wise Geek Chocolate is nothing to write home about, but it doesn’t need to be. The beauty is in the content, in the writing. In fact, its simplicity allows for easy access to what can sometimes be heavyweight brain food.

Truth is, if you’re reading TechDrink then you’re going to find something you like on GEEK Chocolate.

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