Oct 242012

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Of course all the fuss is about the pointless iPad mini, but there was much love for Mac users at yesterday’s event that has pretty much slipped under the radar. Not here at TechDrink though, oh no. A brief round-up for you then.

13″ Macbook Pro Gets Retina Display

13" Macbook Pro Gets Retina Display

Just like the larger 15″ Macbook Pro, there is now a retina version of the 13″ model and it comes with two Thunderbolt ports instead of one Firewire and one Thunderbolt in the non-retina version. For now, they’ll coexist but expect the non-retina to disappear next year. Prices start at £1,449.

The New iMac. It’s Thinner

The New iMac

Apple unveiled the latest iMac and she is beautiful. The all-in-one desktop is significantly thinner than the previous version (though still 5mm thick at its centre) and has been completely re-engineered to make this possible. You get the choice of 21.5″ or 27″ screen as ever, but both now offer two Thunderbolt ports. You also get a choice of Intel Core i5 or i7 processor. The new iMac will be available in November (21.5″) and December (27″) and will cost £1,099 for the former and £1,499 for the latter, both base models.

The Mac Mini Lives On

New Mac mini

There are still Mac mini lovers out there and they will have been well pleased with Apple’s Mac mini announcement. It’s the same size, which is really tiny for what it offers, but it’s twice as fast, they say (if you choose the quad-core Intel Core i7 version at least). Essentially it’s an upgrade and nothing more but for those Mac mini fans it’ll be most welcome.

By The Numbers

Apple don’t let an event go by without talking up some numbers, so try these on for size.

  • 100 million iPads sold in 2.5 years
  • 300 BILLION iMessages sent in 12 months
  • 275,000 iPad apps in App Store

There was probably more, but to be honest, we got bored. It’s the hardware we’re interested in and, apart from the pointless iPad mini, we are very, very impressed. Oh, and if you’re wondering why the Mac Pro has been ignored, don’t worry…you’ll just have to wait until next year.

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