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Oct 252012

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Feeling a bit down? Need a bit of a boost? The our Website of the Week is just for you. The concept is simple – visit and you’ll get a bright, mood-improving screen with a large compliment, just for you. And if it doesn’t quite bring you out of your funk, that’s ok. Just hit “I still feel crappy” and you’ll get another compliment. Keep going until you feel suitably happy.

Ok, it’s not like a computer generated compliment is going to lift you out of depression, but some of them are hilarious and that just might put a smile on your face at least! Should you find one you really, really dig, then hit “Thanks! I feel better” and you’ll be taken to another site where you can buy your compliment in an 8″x9″ print for less than $15. Which is nice. print

So go get uplifted. And when you are, suggest a site for our WoW series by leaving a comment.

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