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Most Anticipated Tablet Releases For 2013

2013 Tablets

It is a known fact that technology is continuing to experience new developments every day. With technology comes gadgets such as the tablet, and we are sure to expect some exciting new releases in 2013. Looking at 2012 itself was a testament to some of the most formidable tablet releases from companies such as Google with its premier Nexus tablet, Apple with its iPads and iPad Mini and Microsoft with the Windows 8 and Windows RT tablets. These tablets had very fascinating specs and were released at reasonable prices (in most cases, cough, Microsoft, cough).

In 2013 it is expected that the tablets to be released will be even more spectacular and contain features that will mesmerize users and other stakeholders in the technological gadgets field.
Indeed, many software companies are upgrading their gadgets. For instance, Google is expected to release another Google Nexus tablet. This new tablet, compared to its predecessors, the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10, is expected to have 4G and increased hardware capabilities, as well as Android 5.0, Key Lime Pie. Lastly, this tablet will feature a QR code generator which has been extensively used by Google to promote its local business service.

Next, Apple is expected to release the iPad Mini 2 in March, featuring Apple’s brand new iOS 7. It is reported that this new tablet from Apple will contain a faster processor and higher resolution Retina Display. Furthermore, they are also expected to release the iPad 5 which is anticipated to be thinner and lighter accompanied by a stronger processor.

Microsoft, which released the Windows 8 tablet Surface in 2012, is expecting to gain a large market share of tablet users with the Surface Pro, predicted to contain a hardware upgrade. However, users hope that this new tablet will have an improved battery life and reasonable purchasing cost.

Amazon has come into the market with the surprisingly successful Kindle Fire tablets. The greatest advantage of the Kindle tablet is its easy integration with Amazon’s stores, such as Amazon MP3, Amazon’s AppStore and Amazon Kindle Groups. It is important to note that the Kindle goes for a considerably lower price than most tablets, thereby giving the Nexus tablet stiff competition for each of their brands.

Finally, we have the expected release of the Samsung Galaxy S4 which will feature extensive multimedia features running Key Lime Pie. It is also rumored that it will come with a curious feature: wireless charging via a separate port. This is sure to give it an edge over other tablet brands in the market.

In conclusion, we’re looking forward to the 2013 batch of tablets and their expected upgrades, such as extended battery life, better processors and displays and an increased use of a QR code generator.

Your Amazon Kindle Fire will arrive a day early. Great. Or is it?

Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon are shipping the Kindle Fire a day earlier than announced – today, in other words – and the Kindle Touch is shipping tomorrow, a full six days earlier than anticipated.

That’s great news, right, especially for those thousands and thousands (millions maybe?) of people who pre-ordered it and made it Amazon’s best selling product well ahead of it being available? Well…that depends who you listen to.

Mashable have published their review today and they’re raving about it. Engadget, on the other hand, also publishing today, have ripped it to shreds. Sort of. Gizmodo, like Mashable, reckon it’s the first serious competition to the iPad.

The truth probably lies somewhere in between. Because this is Amazon and because the Fire will give access to everything Amazon has to offer, there’s no doubt the tablet will sell well. Incredibly well. It could outsell the iPad in the next quarter. It’s priced perfectly and the iPad 3 is rumoured to hit soon, so sales of the iPad 2 might fall (they’ll still be MASSIVE) as people wait.

For casual consumers of content the Fire is likely to be a perfect bit of kit. At $199 it gives an entry point to the tablet world to millions more people than the iPad 2 or even the likes of the Galaxy Tab or Playbook ever will. So yes, the Fire will sell and the majority will be satisfied.

Engadget’s review does highlight some serious weak spots though, especially when it comes to the hardware. For example, the Kindle Fire has a pitiful 8GB of memory so forget storing a decent amount of films for viewing offline at your leisure. Yes, you can delete and redownload ’til your heart’s content once you’ve bought it from Amazon, but that really isn’t the point.

Personally, I think Engadget have gone a bit far in their criticism – and Mashable and Gizmodo have gone too far the other way. The Kindle Fire is not really an iPad rival. It’s a window to Amazon’s vast vaults of content. Tacked on is a browser (Amazon’s own Silk browser, no less!), email and some document reading software, simply because without it all you’d have is a fancy Kindle.

If Amazon want to send a Fire my way for a proper hands-on review, great. Until then, I’m piecing bits together from everywhere and coming to the conclusion that the Fire is going to be hot, even if it will never be as good as the iPad. But what is? And so what?

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