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Kick Start Your Home Automation With A Hub

With Apple’s recent announcement of its home automation software platform Homekit and Google’s acquisition of smart home darling Nest, it’s clear the major tech companies are gearing up to take control of your home. And not a moment too soon. The smart home space has been beset with compatibility issues, fragmentation and user frustration for far too long.

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AWESOME: Google Earth Fly-By Video on MapMyRide

I recently took part in the Cheshire 3 Peak Walk to raise money for Francis House Children’s Hospice. It’s a 14+ mile walk around Macclesfield Forest taking in three of Cheshire’s tallest peaks, Tegg’s Nose, Shutlingsloe and Shining Tor. If you want to read the full write up of the walk you can do so here.

This post though, is about the brilliant Google Earth fly-by video that is generated by the app I used to track our progress, MapMyRide. I’ve been using MapMyRide for a good few months but this is the first time I’ve logged into the site itself and this video just blew my mind.

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How To Cut Your Monthly Technology Spending

Nowadays, purchasing a technological gadget can be frustrating. For example, you may have just purchased the latest mobile phone, only to find that this model will be obsolete after a few months because a newer model has replaced it. In regards to technology, you can never be sure of the longevity of a model. It is therefore important to carefully define your requirements and ensure that any new purchase has all the features that you desire. This will inevitably improve its effective lifetime.

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Is This The Coolest Google Doodle Yet?

It’s 40 years today since the Rubik’s Cube was introduced to the world. The anniversary is being marked by Google in one of their Doodles – and we think it’s the coolest one yet!

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How to Choose a Hosting Company


So you’ve got an idea. An idea for a website, an online business, an ecommerce site or just a presence online for yourself or your company. The first thing you’re going to do is look to buy a domain name and purchase some hosting for the site.

Right off the bat, if you have no experience, that’s daunting. Google “website hosting” and you’ll be presented with an exhaustive list of companies offering hosting services…and a whole host of extras you’re not likely to know whether or not you need.

With damn near every hosting company offering domain name registration – free or charged – these days, you get a one stop shop for that bit at least.

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